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To give our clients the most efficient and cost effective goods and services while actualizing our potentials.

To be the leading software and engineering services provider with innovative products that exceed prevailing international standards.

Our clients include Alaroye, NECO, UNICEF, Synagogue Church of All Nations, Centre for Yoruba Art & Culture, A & T Schools.

Our products anticipates your needs and we are guided by one thing, two actually...

An award-winning word processor for English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Kalabari, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swahili and a custom (user defined) language.

Best commercially viable software - 5th Nigerian Software Exhibition by Nigeria Computer Society.

  • multi-lingua document creator / editor (each paragraph could be in a different language)
  • extensible formatting options
  • supports hyperlinks, bookmarks, tables, custom underline, shadows, etc.
  • supports simultaneous display of multiple fonts with easy insertion of diacritics
  • supports picture formatting, paste special and OLE Object embedding
  • extensible dictionary for all languages with additional express look-up tool for English
  • provides language sensitive spell-check
  • assists with auto-translation under Windows XP and lower
  • saves to and opens lin, rtf and txt file formats directly
  • exports documents to the following file formats (provided MS Office is on machine): doc, unicode txt, htm, mht, xml, pdf
  • Has simple documentation to get you productive at the go
  • Application supports Live_Update so you may choose to download newer files from our website at anytime

more & screenshot...

Version 3.0 The ultimate documentation tool ®. Requires post-installation registration code.
System Requirements:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista & Windows 7.
Minimum of 17.5Mb Hard-disk space, 64Mb Ram

USD $129.95 USD $103.95 : Buy Now
(for Network License; add 50% per client connected and Send total amount to asaolu_AT_lainosint_DOT_com by PayPal or see offline-order)

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