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To give our clients the most efficient and cost effective goods and services while actualizing our potentials.

To be the leading software and engineering services provider with innovative products that exceed prevailing international standards.

Our clients include Alaroye, NECO, UNICEF, Synagogue Church of All Nations, Centre for Yoruba Art & Culture, A & T Schools.

Our products anticipates your needs and we are guided by one thing, two actually...

  • Generate password and set access level for various users
  • Financial cum human resource application, supports multi-user login, captures and displays Members data succintly
  • Self-contained application; does NOT require MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, etc.), Acrobat or other third party products.
  • Handles Shares, Deposits, Savings, Loans, Commodity, Welfare, Investment, and TWO custom Financial Transactions
  • Configurable for your operations: set cycle (daily, weekly, forthnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly), date format, borrowing rule (max. debt to contribution ratio or savings balance multiplier), min. days for deposits, auto-reporting speed, etc.
  • Allows preseting desired amounts for each contribution type to facilitate autoprocessing
  • Preseting amounts may be done at the individual or departmental level
  • In the absence of presets/desired values, refunds are auto-calculated or suggested
  • Maintains modules for defining loan and deposit conditions, departments, routine financial tasks, etc.
  • Incorporates a Loan & Deposit Calculator to compute Due_Dates and Interests
  • Allows importation of brought forward data to initialize and populate members table
  • Auto-process contributions (loan/commodity refunds, custom operations, welfare, investment, savings) periodically when due
  • Supports data entry via multiple modes: dialog form or manual entry into electronic passbook (spreedsheet)
  • May import list of member funds as deducted by Payroll unit and distribute such over permissible transactions
  • May generate and export list of the amounts accruing to or deductible from each member for a time unit
  • Auto-pay Dividend to members equally or on pro-rated basis based on individual Financial_Balance and Loan performance
  • Database operations are catched transactions, so you must Commit or Reverse updates/changes
  • Optionally always backup data to Backup sub-folder on exit (recommended)
  • Create and manage Restore Points within the application just like Windows Restore, for members data
  • Maintains log of all sensitive activities; who did what and at what time?
  • Keeps track of every insertion into a member's electronic passbook
  • Auto-email members summaries/statements to minimize human traffic at the office
  • Maintains a flexible accounts module separately for each financial year
  • Generate predefined and customizable queries and reports on the fly
  • Maintains an extensible set of Forms/Templates (and regulation formatted documents) for operations
  • Send an email with attachments to anyone or all members seamlessly (with status report, you may resume later if you deliberately adjourn an operation (or it was truncated due to loss of internet connection, etc.)
  • Tracks stock or inventory of materials, services and assets
  • Achive members who leave into a FormerMembers table for some time so you can delete later or restore if necessary
  • Has simple documentation to get you productive at the go
  • Application supports Live_Update so you may choose to download newer files from our website at anytime

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Version 3.4.1 The all-in-one co-operator®. Requires post-installation registration code.
System Requirements:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista & Windows 7.
Minimum of 17Mb Hard-disk space, 64Mb Ram

USD $999.95 (Excluding Implementation & Training) : Buy Now

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