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To give our clients the most efficient and cost effective goods and services while actualizing our potentials.

To be the leading software and engineering services provider with innovative products that exceed prevailing international standards.

Our clients include Alaroye, NECO, UNICEF, Synagogue Church of All Nations, Centre for Yoruba Art & Culture, A & T Schools.

Our products anticipates your needs and we are guided by one thing, two actually...


  1. Computer Software:
    Office, Business, Educational & Gaming Applications
    Custom Application Development
    Database Information Systems
    ActiveX Components
    Web Applications

  2. Computer Hardware & Mechatronics:
    Computer Hardware Procurement
    Network Design, Implementation and Support (LAN and WAN)
    Design & fabrication of electro-mechanical appliances and equipment

  3. Engineering Services:
    Project Management
    Quality Control and Job Evaluation.
    Supply of Equipment and Materials

  4. Training and Human Resources Development:
    Computer Training
    Software Development Training
    Operations and Projects Management Course

  5. Engineering Analysis, Research and Development:
    Modeling and Simulation
    Automation and Robotics
    Natural Language Processing
    Decision Support Systems

    Our subsidiaries and diversification are geared towards:
    a) Beauty Parlour and Spa (Blooming Blossom Enterprises)
    b) Educational Tools / Institutions
    c) TV Programing / Entertainment

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